`The NEC have abused their powers by twisting the Rule Book to suit their own ends. It is appalling that the NEC gave permission to the election guidelines committee to issue a stream of words that is normal parlance for so many and treat them as if they were RULES.  DAH guidelines are guidelines and NOT rules.

They allowed a situation to arise that thousands lost their vote for using terms such as `traitor` `scum` that are firstly `normal` words and secondly were used to suspend members and deny them their vote when such words (even if we agree with the banning of them) were not proscribed words at the time of the purge.  

I have a number of issues with this. The calling the use of such words `abusive` is completely over the top and actually exposes the L.P. administration and the PLP for being completely out of touch with a normal working class style. It exposes them for manipulating the Rule Book and using such manipulations to inflict ridiculous penalties on members.  It has resulted in a number of members having to admit to `abuse` on their professional annual declarations and so the irresponsibility and callousness of the LP has and is affecting members professions. In addition it minimises REAL abuse – we have members who work with vulnerable people, and or have been abused in their life who are sickened that the use of a word `traitor` and `scum` is compared to their suffering. 

AND THE NEC is allowing it to continue!  Not only that but they are now excusing themselves and looking to legitimise their actions by adding to the terms they are going to proscribe as ABUSIVE.

  • The NEC organisational committee will review and update relevant rules and processes, with a view to proposing changes at Labour party conference in 2017.

The next NEC equalities meeting will take place in January, along with meetings of the organisational committee, disputes committee and full NEC.

Here is one member`s take on this disturbing attitude of the NEC against members, and laughably, even given the appalling abuse of the Rule Book and how they used it to abuse members they express no regret and are refusing to look at the simple truth that they cannot be allowed to continue unreined with the ability to carry out such an assault again. Let me be clear: all the talk and proclamations that they are looking to improve the complaints procedure is meaningless. Why? Because unless the members, CLPs, and from there Conference demand that the ability to abuse and manipulate the Rule Book, and the trust given to the NEC which was abused by them, is not prevented by an additional stipulation in the Rule Book, then they can and will do it again.

We as members have a responsibility to demand that the Rule Book prevents such abuse by the NEC again – and a rider is immediately declared that any such executive decision is IMMEDIATELY explained in full and that any affected member has IMMEDIATE recourse to a jury of their peers (within the Party), and CRUCIALLY an ADVOCATE is immediately given the right to protect the member from such abuse. The member affected must be immediately informed that they have the right to an advocate and that the L.P. will cover the expenses of any lay person acting as such.

It is the NEC ironically that has allowed the Party to abuse members.

Here is one members take on the use of working class language:

`… the kind of robust, earthy, and profane language that a great many members live with and grew up around or experience day to day is being characterised as abuse. There is a class bias here as well.

I grew up working class and come from a very working class background going back hundreds of years but I happen to have gone to Uni and got a professional qualification(I don’t know where that leaves me anymore!).

I also served in the army as an ordinary soldier (not an officer) and the normal language was let`s say pretty robust. I am ok around profane language and indulge in it myself. I also have the ability to communicate without it if I choose.

Not everyone has the same breadth of communications skill and for some profane language is a cultural and behavioural norm. To then have that characterised as abuse is a travesty in a movement that is supposed to be grounded on the interest of the working class.`



Let me be clear. There were many other cases where the `purge` suspended people for ridiculous reasons other than what they termed `abuse, use of robust language, but regarding the robust language, it is further unbelievably ignorant of the NEC to not ensure that all such abuse allegations are seen in context and the context of this is when the 172 PLP members behaved in a treacherous fashion and a patronising dismissive manner toward members so excited by a new hope that they would be listened to, that finally there was a man who did not play the posturing, spin, boot licking of the main stream media. They saw HOPE and then they saw the PLP running to the Press behind the backs of the Party leader, and manipulating and plotting to oust the elected leader from his position.   So yes they called such individuals who had called the members #dogsrabbletrots TRAITORS and they DID behave in a sickening treacherous manner.