Expulsion – Peter Gates

This has been a while coming. I have delayed posting this in order to give the Labour Party bureaucracy time to reconsider, but they have not taken that opportunity. So it is time to go public.

Ordinary Party members will not often get to see the documentation or the process that accompanies a Labour Party disciplinary hearing. Consequently will not know the level of subterfuge and corruption that goes on.

I was suspiciously suspended from the Party in March 2016, and only discovered over two years later that five people had concocted a series of ludicrous false allegations. As a professional, I have never encountered such behaviour from adults before, and found it quite shocking. The East Midlands Regional Office staff appear to have been complicit in this subterfuge. Which included total fabrications, forged documents, lies, interfering with witnesses, and so it goes. These were all kept secret from the CLP and local members and … me!

Many of you will simply not believe this. But there are many others in a similar position to me up and down the country who know this is everyday behaviour from the Compliance Unit. I suppose I should feel honoured to be so dangerous to these people that they have to go to these lengths. It is however a travesty.

Colleagues in my CLP have got together to produce the leaflet below which briefly summarises the issues. However, because it is a lot to ask people to believe such things can go on, I have uploaded all documents relating to this case to my website (petergates.org) for everyone to read and make up their own minds. This of course means the identities of those making the allegations, along with all the documents etc will now be made public. I have nothing to hide. I presume those making allegations will be pleased that their claims can be checked.

It is a lot to read. My evidence to the hearing (which the National Constitutional Committee forced me to cancel a holiday to attend) runs to 500 pages. This included all the documents, minutes, emails etc. that demonstrate clearly that every allegation is false.

So what was I found guilty of? Well apparently:

1. I am a misogynistic bully who intimidates women, though not a single example could be found. I am also a cult leader with a hold over a large number of local members who I “collect” and “manipulate” and who follow my instructions. No evidence was offered for this.

2. I sent “excessive emails” though only one email could be offered as an example of this.

3. I doctored the minutes of meetings, yet they were all approved as true and correct records.

4. I raided the CLP funds to put on meetings with speakers to attack the Labour Party, but the only example that could be offered was when, at members’ requests, I invited Andreas Bieler to speak on “Alternatives to Austerity”. Since “alternative” means alternative to Labour, this is an attack on Labour. No honestly.. one of the NEC witnesses said this! Anyone can ask my solicitor who was present.

5. I refused to advertise a social, organised by two complainants, to members of my Branch as Branch Secretary, yet I provided the two emails where it was advertised to all 800 membership .. twice. It was however a CLP social event and the complainant was …CLP Secretary.

6. And finally …. that when I was suspended, I used to hide in the kitchen at West Bridgford Methodist Hall during Branch meetings making tea and coffee. Look, even I couldn’t make that one up!

So, have a look and see what you think. The website has space for you to add comments.

I will add more posts going through various stages of this, but I will not take the Party to Court, even though I am advised I have a strong case. I would like Jennie Formby (General Secretary), Claudia Webb (Chair of NEC Disputes Panel), Anna Dyer (new Chair of the NCC) to look at this and realise this does no one any good, is a breach of Party Rules, is totally alien to any notion of justice.

This is not the time to give up, resign or be demoralised. This is one of the many attacks on the changes sweeping across the Party. Come back stronger. We are many; they are few