This blog has monitored the appalling lack of  due process and natural justice that the labour party was guilty of during Iain McNicol`s tenure. We have seen some signs of improvement since Jennie Formby became G.S., and we are starting to  see cases that have been left dormant for getting on for two years starting to be addressed.  We watch with interest to see whether or not respect for  natural justice is now at the foundation of the whole system.  


Nic Outteride was expelled from the party in 2016 for calling Angela Eagle a traitor.  He sent in an appeal, well a protest against this. Having chatted with him we have found him to be a man of principle and deep integrity. His use of the word traitor was as per the dictionary definition:

noun: traitor; plural noun: traitors

a person who betrays someone or something, such as a friend, cause, or principle.
“he was a traitor to his own class”
synonyms: betrayer, back-stabber, double-crosser

Nic Outterside:

Some 21 months AFTER I was expelled from the Labour Party (and two years since my alleged offence, which until now I had no knowledge of!) I have today received a letter from the Labour Party setting a date to hear my appeal!
Complete and utter nonsense! My alleged crime was a tweet of a feature I had written in June 2016 in which I simply described Angela Eagle MP a “traitor”!
This is the Labour Party which I have been a member of since the 1980s.

His full appeal (addressed to Iain McNicol is on his blog here  but here is an extract from it:

  • Your email/letter of 7 September 2016 says: “The Labour Party should be the home of lively debate, of new ideas and of campaigns to change society. However, for fair debate to take place, people must be able to air their views in an atmosphere of respect. They shouldn’t be shouted down, they shouldn’t be intimidated, and they shouldn’t be abused, either in meetings or online.”

I have NEVER in my lifetime shouted down or intimidated anyone. I have also NEVER abused anyone.

As a victim and survivor of childhood sexual abuse and later domestic abuse, which left me minutes from death, I believe the NEC needs to revisit its use of the term “abuse”.

But, if abuse means bullying, I am a long time campaigner against bullying in all its forms.

Indeed, I was the first to alert NEC member Johanna Baxter on 14 July 2016, that the cyber bully who had reduced her to tears was not a member of the Labour Party or follower of Jeremy Corbyn, but was a far right Nazi troll named Claire Khaw, a former member of the BNP.

  • Your email/letter of 7 September 2016 says I am being expelled because “You have made inappropriate comments on social media including a post on 28 June 2016”.

A quick trawl of my own accounts shows that the only comments you might refer to was my blog posting: Hanging from Traitors’ Gate – Progress: Labour’s right wing Militant

I revisited this subject in more detail in another blog posting on 27 July 2016: The right wing incontinence of the Progress plotters

My blogs are always widely shared on Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in and other social media platforms. These particular blogs are typical of the scores of investigative newspaper reports which won me dozens of awards over a 28 year career in journalism.

They shine a light onto facts about Progress and its members.

If your problem is in the title of the blog piece, maybe lessons in English metaphor and history are required.

A view shared by many is that Progress is as much a right wing entryist party within a party as Militant was in the 1980s.

As for the bulk of the piece, it is written with the same dynamism that former Labour leader Neil Kinnock attacked Militant.

If your problem is with my use of the word Traitor/Traitors, I believe that anyone who has committed the treachery to our leader Jeremy Corbyn and to the 121,751 Labour Party members, 88,449 Registered Supporters and 41,928 Trade Union Affiliated Supporters who voted for him, as observed by the so-called #chickencoup, deserves to be called a Traitor.


I was born into a middle class Tory voting household and to my eternal shame joined the Conservative Party at age 16. Three years later I was elected Vice Chairman of the Northern Region of the Federation of Conservative Students. I even helped Margaret Thatcher get elected in 1979.

But, life is a great leveller and educator, as I am sure you will agree.

My education began in the early 1980s as a teacher in the South Yorkshire pit village of Darton. I lived in the village for four years among miners and their families, and many of my charges were destined to also become miners. I witnessed at first hand the devastation of the miners’ strike and the evil reality of Thatcherism.

My education continued in 1988 when I was hospitalised in Cardiff for four months for surgery and treatment of lung cancer. Many of my fellow patients in the ward and at the radiotherapy clinic were former miners from the south Wales valleys and sufferers from pneumoconiosis and consequential lung cancer. I listened at first hand to their stories of life in the pits and the betrayal of their futures and communities by Thatcher and her minions.


This blog asks on what basis, with what authority does Angela Eagle announce she will resolve `this impasse`: Angela Eagle says she will resolve this impasse!