Ben Sellers:

I think the Labour Party now has a choice:

either discipline Blair for his comments encouraging Labour voters to consider backing Conservative or Liberal Democrat candidates, or drop actions against left wing members who may have said similar things in the past, including sharing statuses on social media.

I favour the latter, because I think most political disagreements should be settled politically, not bureaucratically.

I think Blair is wrong in almost everything he says these days, but I would rather he himself realised that he no longer has a place in a democratic socialist party, than being booted out. But what you absolutely can’t have, in a *democratic* socialist party, is one rule for a former leader, and another for ordinary members.

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Tony Blair: vote Tory or Lib Dem where they are open-minded on Brexit

Former Labour PM says party allegiances should be set aside


Tony Blair has advised voters to consider backing Conservative or Liberal Democrat candidates in June’s general election, if they promise to have an open mind on the terms of the final Brexit deal.

The former Labour prime minister said the public should set party allegiance aside in a effort to prevent the 8 June poll becoming what he called a “steamroller election”, and maximise the number of MPs willing to vote against hard Brexit when Theresa May brings the deal back to the House of Commons.

He added that he would support the efforts of Best for Britain, the tactical voting initiative created by Gina Miller, who won the supreme court case that forced the government to hold a parliamentary vote before triggering article 50.

Guardian article

I personally consider that what Tony Blair has done here is far worse than what has resulted in many members being expelled – for example re-tweeting a Green Party tweet.  This position by Blair is firstly to do specifically with the general election, and meant to affect the result, and secondly is crazily not merely agreeing with another party`s stance on an issue but actually arguing for people to VOTE other than labour.