Never mind the way so many MPs behaved toward members and to Corbyn by treacherous behaviour.  They didn`t simply deal with their dislike of the new members and disagreements with Corbyn by debate and in-house discussion. NO THEY WENT SCREAMING TO THE MEDIA!  They still are do that.

Members who were, are still are, incensed by their schoolchild playground behaviour (sickening example to children – and the general electorate – on how to deal with disagreements within an organisation). They were called on it, and rightly so. They DID behave in a treacherous manner and if a friend or family member of mine behaved in such a manner then they would no longer have contact with me. BUT the MPs behaviour continues to be uncensored but members are suspended and labelled abusive if they express their anger about it. One example is a member `allegedly` saying that they should say `sold souls to the devil` – this member was suspended for abuse!  Yet again an example that has me welling up with both anger and laughter at the same time.

Pat Stone:

This came in an email on Tuesday – I missed it until just now. I’d like to respond with a quote from Stephen Fry. I still have not been told which rule I am alleged to have broken.
I am not best pleased with the slick transition from ‘uncomradely’ to ‘Abuse’ in the next paragraph.

What has also happened is that I was told by phone in Feb that my suspension was lifted. I phoned them because my branch secretary told me the suspension was not marked against my name. In early March I stood for an outstanding branch responsibility that was waiting to be filled by a woman under the 50% rule. I was elected unopposed. Next day I was told that the CLP secretary still considered me suspended and the election was void. There is a CLP meeting tonight to elect delegates to conference. I will not be able to attend as I am not elected. So my ward will be one representative short, one woman short.

I’d like to know what sort of warning has been issued to John McTernan for calling for JC’s head on a plate, on Twitter

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It is the NEC that needs a Warning Letter for their uncomradely, nay abusive, behaviour toward the membership.

This is the (non existent) `process` that Pat was put through, and is uncomradely behaviour, and it continues.

Typical Timeline of Suspension – THIS is abuse

Pat Stone:

All this makes me cry. It makes me angry. It makes me shake. It makes me feel like some sort of powerless victim who has been tied down with tape over my mouth, to await some vile abuse by some nasty revolting sadist. There are thousands of members being treated like this …

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