That feeling when you have dug a hole for yourself but instead of stopping you continue digging.  Labour Party disciplinary (non) process: Australia, here we come!

New attempt to get out of the mess they created is to demand members who were unjustly suspended to sign the social media pledge before being unsuspended – even though the original accusation is not being upheld.

Most members will have heard about the appalling abusive (non) process adopted by the NEC against members.  We have laughed and cried at the irony of them accusing members of abuse, providing no evidence after months of demanding evidence, suspending people leaving them hanging unable to participate in meetings, ostracised by the Party with the accusation hanging over their heads. Yes the Labour Party abusing its own members with complete disregard for due process and natural justice – not to mention sheer common decency.

After many months people were having their suspensions lifted (and this still continues) having had no right of input, no participatory investigation, and still no evidence BUT unbelievable a paragraph in the letter unsuspending them saying the accusation will be left on file – a WARNING letter! So there we have the Party disciplinary system assuming GUILT and crazily offering no right of appeal. NO no and no. These Warning letters issued under these circumstances are not being accepted. It is mind boggling to know that Iain McNicol and the NEC actually thought that it was OK to assume guilt in this way.

Now we have a new development.  Initially they dug a hole for themselves by suspending people when that option was never used other than for real threats of physical violence or profound damage to the Party. It was an option that was given in trust to be used with a responsible attitude. Iain McNicol and the NEC failed and continue to fail in both – they have broken trust and failed in responsibility. They suspended THOUSANDS of members at the drop of a hat. One crazy example  resulting from trawling social media with auto search apps was suspending someone for using the word `RAT` which they decided without it going through proper process was and is now a proscribed word lol BUT what is even crazier is that a member made a tweet using the word `democrat` and got suspended for it. Now even if you consider the disciplinary dept has the right to discipline someone for using the word `rat`, to use the option to SUSPEND pending an investigation is appalling. And then it gets worse, they don`t actually bother with a participatory investigation.

So they sent out Warning letters based on assumed guilt, and members said No we are not accepting the Warning letter – take it off or, having suspended me, give me the right to defend myself against the accusation.

It now seems they have stopped sending out Warning letters in such circumstances (wonder whether they actually saw how unjust that is huh?) and are trying the tac of sending out letters saying the person is unsuspended BUT before that can be fully processed they have to sign and return a letter stating that they agree to respect the new social media pledge thus:


I am pleased to inform you that your administrative suspension from the Labour Party will be lifted and that you will be free to resume active membership conditional upon receipt of a signed copy of the Members Pledge (attached).

I would like to draw your attention specifically to Chapter 2 of the Labour Party Rule Book which states:

“No member of the Party shall engage in conduct which in the opinion of the NEC is prejudicial, or in any way in the opinion of the NEC is grossly detrimental to the Party”.

We look forward to receiving a signed copy of the Members Pledge attached to your email (please send either by post to the London address above or a scanned copy by return email). We hope that this matter is now behind you and we welcome you back to full membership of the Party.


Yours sincerely,
Iain McNicol
General Secretary of the Labour Party Labour Party

Member’s Pledge
I pledge to act within the spirit and rules of the Labour Party in my conduct both on and offline, with members and non-members and I stand against all forms of abuse. I understand that if found to be in breach of the Labour Party policy on online and offline abuse, I will be subject to the rules and procedures of the Labour Party

Firstly this pledge has never been discussed and adopted and agreed by conference BUT even more chilling is that they are sending this out to members who were suspended and demanding they sign it even though they have not had a proper investigation – so again assumed guilt.

NO, not acceptable. Our advice to anyone being blackmailed in this manner is to write back and say that you do not understand why you are specifically being asked to sign this pledge. Firstly the suspension is lifted and so there is no case to answer so why the pledge. 

Secondly, my membership is continuous and unless you tell me that all current members are being send the same pledge to be signed in order for their membership to be continued then I shall not be signing it.