This is from the Group set up to support those abused by the NEC and the Compliance Unit with the sickening distortion and abuse of the rule book on the disciplinary procedure. SHAME ON THEM.

Apart from the abuse meted out by the Compliance Unit and the complete and utter disregard for due process and natural justice, they have the audacity to lecture members over social media behaviour WOW. They need to get their act in order. We must demand that every single person under disciplinary so called ` investigation` is automatically allowed a participatory investigation and allowed to assign an Advocate to watch their backs from the abuse that this system has, and continues to use.

We know how members of the PLP have abused members on twitter and yet they are not challenged, yet immediately they complained about someone calling them out on their traitorous coup attempt and disrespect for members THEIR complaint resulted in immediate administrative suspension. The majority of those suspended given no right to participate in an investigation and yet sent a Warning letter! WOW. Yet the M.P.`s  were allowed to call members trots rabble dogs and nothing done – and still selectively these terms are not on the proscribed list.

Recognition of the work done by the Group set up to give support morally, emotionally and practically to those abused by the NEC:

Maria Carroll in a thread summed up the support and atmosphere of this Group:

It’s all the work of this group, all you wonderful people who despite your personal pain and despite the fact that people you believed to be colleagues stabbed you in the back, shared your experiences.

You all held your heads up high and kept fighting, kept refusing to allow such unfair processes to be used to destroy you. And you all have never judged or scorned each other, have understood that not everyone has the personal resilience in storage to be able to keep going, and so much more.

Together you have achieved better and better outcomes as the process gathered pace. Never, ever forgot what you have all achieved.

First we saw suspensions lifted even though the majority were issued warnings.

Then a few of you challenged the warnings and found that the warnings were indefinite – we would not have known that if you hadn’t challenged the warnings.

Then you brought forward evidence of the exact reasons people were being suspended for. You challenged the rhetoric of the right that the party is infested by anti semites, trots, rabble, dogs etc.

You ended that label by contesting it being brace enough to show and share the total sham the evidence being used against you was.
Then you all discovered the hard way the unfairness of the processes used against you and the abuses of those processes by the procedures committee.

Then you share your experiences so that those behind you in this rat race were better prepared, more able to counter the attacks.

But more than anything you all inspired each other to keep going and despite how hard that has been you have achieved a commitment that the procedures will change, will include a commitment to natural justice.

You won the hearts and minds of many of us for whom you bore this dire persecution with honour.

Everyone on this group has made a contribution from the very visible – Caroline Tipler who really has the best organisational skills of anyone I’ve ever met – we should make her our General Secretary – Glynis Millward who has made the most boring subject in the world (for me) data protection not only understandable but helped us use it as a tool to get justice. She should be our legal and compliance director – Sarah Thomson site monitor and trend watcher who should be running campaigns for the leaders office – Craig Fraser who has steadfastly taken our messages out to CLPs and is now going to be a labour councillor – I’m sure of it – he gets the LG leader role – Duncan Shipley Dalton and Jon Grünewald who have given freely of their legal expertise and guidance for no personal gain or reward – they are our Supreme Court nominees and we need to find them a silk to carry!

Then there’s the more silent members of the group who shared our campaigns, liked everyone’s posts, took the truth out to social media.

I can’t name you all but you have all been so brave, have given so much. You are all stars. No honour can do you justice or repay you for what you have done to ensure this never happens again.

But without one person I certainly would not be here enjoying (despite the anger, the despair, the hurt) had it not been for the fact that one person gave me inspiration to stand against bullying. Who stood and carried on despite the most vile and shocking public personal attacks and smears. And that person is Jeremy Corbyn.

No matter what anyone’s personal opinion of that man and his politics is he has inspired those who have been harassed and vilified. Showing us all that we can overcome.

Sorry I’ve gone on and on but I had to get that out!

Glynis responds:

Well said Maria I agree with all that and NEVER forget what you have done too, you are one of THE most supportive people I know. You drove down to Cardiff to support me at the investigation meeting – you would not take any money for petrol, I even had to fight you at the cafe counter to pay for your coffee and muffin 😀 – what a beautiful soul you are x x x

Caroline: I would like to add the appreciation of the Group to Jeni Swift Gillett Kay Meades and Annette Harrison who helped create the wonderful supportive atmosphere and crucially were stalwarts at ensuring every person was fully vetted before joining the Group to ensure we had a safe space to share our thoughts and feelings and explore options and strategies.

In this Group I have been heartbroken on occasions to hear about the suffering caused by the callousness of the disciplinary process adopted by McNichol and the NEC – but the wonderful thrilling irony is that there is not another group on Facebook where I have experienced such a consistent non-abusive REAL best of humanity – it is without comparison.

And Glynis and Maria this is not something I would say lightly – you each hold a special place in my heart. Your compassion, your wonderful doggedness, your incisiveness, your humour … your ALL is something I have rarely come across and I admire you both deeply.

It is clear to us all that this is about more than loss of vote, this is even about more than the appalling individual pain suffered (and ongoing), it is about the exposure of the distorted and manipulative core of the Party, it is about its heart and soul, and right here in this Group we experience how the heart and the soul of the Party should be XXX

It is unbelievable and unforgiveable that the conservative party and yep haha even Inland Revenue have systems of discipline that respects natural justice and yet the Labour Party disregarded it, and even now it knows the heartache and suffering it has caused CONTINUES TO DO SO.

It is wonderful to be a part of a supportive caring compassionate intelligent group of Party members and astonishing that that is found in the very group that exists for people who the Labour Party have pushed aside and disregarded.


As it stands they are saying oh we are not going to do it this way again lololol0l – Er, hold on a min – first you need to admit to your wrongdoing. We need an objective enquiry on this – not one carried out by the very people who caused it in the first place. The police policing themselves.

The group has contacted NEC members offering to work with them and to share our experience with them to ensure this cannot happen again and that a proper process is put into effect. WE ARE WAITING.



Not even justice delayed it is totally non existent!