Carl was accused by the LP of abuse. The case is quite pathetic and to call it abuse is an insult to people who have been abused. Carl demanded that the Warning letter was withdrawn and the abuse by the Party disciplinary procedure meant they simply ignored him.

Given his appalling treatment and the stress and pain it has caused him, and the refusal of the Party to allow a proper hearing and an appeal, he resigned from the Party.  Here is his resignation letter:

Although he resigned he continues to do good humanitarian work – but you now no longer have him as a valued member of the Party because of the abuse from the Party toward him and the sickening disregard for due process and natural justice.

Any member, no matter their station, and especially any member of the NEC who does not condemn this has ZILCH respect from me.

What Carl is up to now:

As well as advertising our events on line, we put up posters in key places around the city but have always wondered if they are effective. I found out last night when a gentleman turned up declaring that he had seen our poster in a local shop and thought he would come along to see the film. It’s always satisfying to reach new people.

The film we screened (Palestine Blues) is an incredibly powerful indictment of the abuses committed by an occupying power but also a reminder of the steadfastness of the Palestinian people desperately trying to hang onto land their families have farmed for generations.

There is something obscene about the use of giant bulldozers to destroy the citrus groves and olive trees that those families depend on them for their livelihood under the gaze of heavily armed Israeli soldiers. I am grateful to Sarah W for adding to her already packed itinerary to travel to Worcester to be with us and for taking these photos. I didn’t get around to taking any myself.

Carl`s resignation letter