Still the NEC allow the abuse of members to continue. NO NO and NO we will NOT accept these sickening abusive Warning letters meted out after suspending members. This whole debacle has brought the Party into disrepute and what is further unforgiveable is that they KNOW they allowed a screw up to happen. And then it gets worse: they allow Warning letters to be sent out and they do this to make it look reasonable that they suspended members in the first place lol (yep first laugh then cry).

It was completely and utterly an abuse of the trust given to the NEC to suspend people should it be considered the member posed a threat to the Party. Wow. Any reasonable person with a smidgen of a sense of justice would KNOW that once that happens then natural justice and due process MUST be invoked. In short the member deserves the right of reply. BUT NO. The NEC consider themselves judge jury and executioner and worse than that no right of the member to respond to ANYTHING  and cannot appeal or question the warning.

This is even the case when alleged evidence is specifically being questioned. LOOK if a crime is sufficient to warrant a suspension then it is most definitely a crime (which is being committed over and over and over again) by the NEC to not allow a proper investigation where a member can question the evidence` and the charges.

WE WILL NOT ACCEPT WARNING LETTERS AFTER A SUSPENSION WITHOUT A PROPER HEARING AND A RIGHT OF APPEAL. This is not a spoof, but it seems incredible that it is the truth.  I am simply astonished that the Rule Book is being abused in this manner, and what is more that the members of the NEC are allowing it. Let me be real clear: any member of the LP, no matter their position, has zilch respect from me if they do not utterly condemn this!

Here is a letter to Iain McNicol from a member who was treated in this shameful manner:

Angela McEvoy:

Re: Iain McNicol Appeal my Formal Warning

Thank you for your email to inform me that I cannot appeal a formal warning, I do not countenance such Dickensian rules and I am very surprised that a supposedly modern Democratic Labour Party would support such an authoritarian disciplinary process.

After 40 years voting Labour, I joined the party in May 2015 devastated at the General Election result. My first choice for Leader was Yvette Cooper. I attended the hustings and realised she had nothing new to offer. I then listened to Corbyn and was very impressed with his alternative to the existing narrative. What finally convinced me to support Corbyn was the poster of Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendal under a banner stating “Anyone but Corbyn!!! I thought I had joined an inclusive Labour Party, and was shocked how all the candidates demonised Corbyn the man, rather than the vision and direction he wanted to move the party towards.. The personal attacks on the man were disgusting, although the dignity he displayed towards his fellow candidates put their bullying tactics to shame.

Since his election September 2015, I have watched in amazement at the attempts of the Right Wing members of the PLP to sabotage Corbyn’s Leadership. This resulted in the 2nd Leadership contest and also damaged the parties credibility within the country. Divided parties don’t win elections, I believe the moderate PLP members, Progress and Labour 1st are quite aware of that fact but are willing to sabotage the next General Election rather than support the Corbyn/ McDonnell partnership. How pathetic is that? And yet, as stated in my previous email, there appears to be no impunity for these moderate saboteurs who are supported by the double disciplinary standard practised by the NEC.

I have been issued with a formal warning without the right of appeal for 1 retrospective tweet 9th July calling Tom Watson a “Traitor” I stand by my written post. Mr Watson called me as a Corbyn supporter, part of a rabble, a Trot and a Dog. Plus a number of other insults and yet these insults were not included on your list of inappropriate words. Another demonstration of Labour Party disciplinary double standards.

As stated in my previous email I am not willing to accept your formal warning and sadly have no alternative, other than to leave the Party. I believe the impasse has been engineered by the NEC with the sole aim to rid the party of a Corbyn supporter. This has left a nasty taste. Maybe I am naive, but joining the Labour Party was such a big event for me. I believed I had joined a Democratic Socialist organisation where every member was valued in the spirit of Solidarity, Tolerance and Respect as said on the membership card. The scales fell from my eyes pretty quickly after Corbyn’s Election in May 2015, the moderate Blairites have behaved appallingly. They have undermined the Leader in the House of Commons, on Mainstream Media, colluded resignations with BBC and many, many interviews where the credibility of the party was brought into question. The NEC and you personally have assisted them to undermine this honest politician to the detriment of the party, hoping to gain power at the next election. I believe our poll rating is very low….the NEC needs to examine their own role in this debacle. In my honest opinion you are not worthy of power.

I no longer believe the party puts its own aims and values into practice and I would find it extremely difficult to campaign for MPs that have totally lost my respect. I will, of course, support Corbyn independently of the Labour Party.

I have paid a full years membership up until May 2017 although I have been unable to participate in Party activities since September 2016, I would be grateful for you to refund 8 months subscription.

Thank you

Angela McEvoy