The incompetence of the L.P. administration – most specifically in relation to the administration of the (non-existent) process concerning those members Suspended or Expelled makes it clear and urgent that the whole system needs to be dismantled and rebuilt. It quite simply is not fit for purpose. Worse than that it is not merely creating a shambles record wise but is seriously damaging members health and wellbeing. SHAME ON MCNICOL AND SHAME ON THE NEC.

Three new examples:

1.`Even though I received a letter 2 weeks ago to say my suspension was lifted (with a warning of course), my CLP have politely told me I am not welcome to attend tomorrow’s meeting as “Unfortunately, in accordance to the membership system, your status today is still “suspended” “. Why am I wasting my precious time?`

2. `I got the same email today!  … I haven’t written back yet complaining about the warning on file and in the meantime I get the interview/ suspended email *after* the unsuspended letter`

3. `Here is an example of the complete inefficiency of this band of tossers. Having unsuspended me they have now sent me ANOTHER LETTER about interviewing me!

This is unreal.

Dear  xxxx

As you will be aware, you are currently administratively suspended from the Labour Party pending an investigation.

The General Secretary has appointed me as investigating officer. Would you please let me know if you are available for interview on Monday 12th December 2016 at 11:30am. The interview will take place over the phone.

Please reply to this email confirming the best number to reach you on. If you have not received the evidence used in this case or if you have any questions about the process, reply to this email.


Sam Matthews
Investigations Officer
Governance and Legal Unit
The Labour Party


[Have now received an apology!!! From Sam Matthews fir sending me the letter in error!]

This particular member was unsuspended BUT with the caveat of a Warning and the threat of `left on file` – and has written refusing to accept the Warning and demanding that the assumed guilt is removed from the file. No response except to issue another letter saying they want to carry out a telephone interview!

Can you see yet NEC just how this is tantamount to harassment? Can you see yet NEC how you are guilty of a dereliction of duty? NO? Maybe it is simply you don`t care about the effect your non actions in allowing Iain McNicol to continue with this debacle. Non-action on your part makes you equally culpable!!  We need a complete overhaul of the whole system. It is not fit for purpose. It is damaging to the Labour Party, let alone to the health of the individual members.