Ceri Brabham

There is a petition doing the rounds about scrapping the fee charged to dv victims by GPs when a report is needed for court. I’ve already signed the petition but they want me to send it on to five other people by email and Twéet Watson when I’ve done it.

Tom Watson’s Digital Manager sent an email to me regarding scrapping the fee for domestic violence victims. This is my reply:

Attn Claire Hughes Digital Manager and

Tom Watson MP Deputy Leader of the Labour party

I support this campaign but I do not support Tom Watson – and cannot tweet him since he has blocked me for having the temerity to tell him that I disapprove of his disloyalty to Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the Labour party.

It has obviously escaped your notice that I am one of the thousands of Labour members who have been rejected by the Compliance Unit. The allegation of ‘abusive behaviour’ has been levelled at me solely because I retweeted two tweets that had hash-tagged words which the Compliance Unit chose to ban – three weeks after I had used them.

How ironic that I stand accused of ‘abusive behaviour’ by one unit of the Labour party – whilst receiving emails from another unit asking for my help in supporting people that have been abused – people that in my thirty-year career in social care I have fought for – victims of domestic violence, child abuse, adult protection – there is not much that either of you can tell me about abuse that I have not already experienced.

When you work with people who really have been abused, then the misuse of the word by a bunch of unqualified clerical staff is laughable – were it not such a vile slur on my character and that of others.

I have always been a believer in natural justice.’ I sat on this for three days but today I thought ah what the hell…

The Labour Party Complaints System has No Respect for Natural Justice