Unforgettable memories. It was a privilege to have met Jeremy and to have talked to him at length about Cornwall's housing problems. How on earth he made time for us at the phone bank that night following his demanding day at Heartlands, I'll never know. He is an inspirational man - a politician who truly cares about people. I may no longer be in the Labour Party but I'll support him through Momentum and the social media to the best of my ability.

This woman suspended from the LP for `vile racist etc tweets`. Left waiting and waiting and waiting to have it overturned – no chance to get it sorted out. Untrue accusations. Di is very ill (cancer) and has spend decades supporting and working for the Labour Party 😦

She finally had to give up because the stress has started to affect her health – so she has resigned from the Labour Party.

I condemn the Labour Party for their whole extraordinary marathon suspension ` purging` of members without any care for due process or respect for natural justice.

This is unforgivable.

Shame on the Establishment Labour Party. Contact this woman NOW!
Re-instate her NOW.

Anyone involved at any time at any stage in this woman`s suspension is culpable in my opinion. I condemn the whole (non) process on the basis of this case alone – and I have many other equally appalling examples.


Today I received my Subject Access Request (SAR) details and it appears my Facebook posts did not, as previously stated by McNicol, bring about my suspension. It was my tweets and re-tweets that brought about my downfall.

I attach pics and apologise for none of my comments except that had I noticed the words, “angela eagle rat”, I would not have re-tweeted it. All my tweets and re-tweets were made in response to the despicable conduct of those Labour MPs who have venomously attacked Jeremy Corbyn from the moment he was first elected as leader in September 2015.

If my tweets and retweets have been considered so abusive as to warrant my suspension, I am very glad I recently made the decision to quit the party and spare myself the ordeal of defending my online comments at a regional tribunal.

I still cannot believe the party I have supported for decades has been responsible for closing down freedom of speech for its members while giving full rein to Corbyn’s PLP detractors to bad mouth him on TV and in the Tory press.

The ‘old guard’ NEC and Iain McNicol have a lot to answer for.

UPDATE: Someone kindly pointed out something I had missed. The words ‘Angela Eagle rat’ were words the snooper software translated from the words, ‘Angela Eagle’ and ‘rationale’. So I hadn’t missed the word “rat” after all. Gawd – it’s beyond a farce now.

Di Coffey:

.This is a powerful piece of writing from Georgie Harrison who explains in graphic detail, the shock, the shame and the pain of being suspended from the Labour Party:

‘My reply to someone who is mystified over why those of us suspended from the LP feel hurt as “Corbyn got elected anyway”

It hurts because it’s unjust. It hurts because we are viewed with suspicion by others – ” no smoke without fire” and all that.

It hurts because prior to the shenanigans of the NEC & the 172 PLP members treacherous behaviour we had thought that the Labour and Trade Union movement was the one body we could rely on for democracy and fairness. It hurts because many Corbyn friendly delegates were unable to attend conference with resulting voting rights.

.It hurts because many of us were booked into conference and then informed we were non compliant and refused entry. It hurts because we are not able to attend LP meetings or have official contact with our comrades in the party.

It hurts because we cannot get involved in campaigning. It hurts that we have not been given proof of our alleged misdemeanours. It hurts because the LP are still removing our subs via direct debit.

It hurts that we are forgotten and unfairly dismissed as abusive or racist – particularly galling when we have been victims of racism and abuse ourselves. It hurts because nobody replies to our emails.

It hurts that you question why we are hurt. Most of all it hurts that our integrity has been brought into question when we are all decent and loyal human beings. Does that answer your question?’

Georgie Harrison :

My family and work deserve the best of me and this will not be possible if I succumb to another breakdown courtesy of the LP.  My medication has already been doubled due to the LP efforts to discredit me.