We now have 3 members in this group who have had their suspensions lifted who are refusing to accept being assumed guilty and admonished by the LP and told that `we will keep it on file for future reference should you do this again`.

UPDATE: As of 4/11 this number is multiplying rapidly. The LP have sent out lifted suspensions in their droves arriving today. NO we will NOT accept assumptions of guilt and will not accept such alleged offences remaining on file! We DEMAND Natural Justice.


So the NEC panels are citing opinion as abuse it seems, and actually consider it ok to SUSPEND people for it.

NOW they are SOME suspensions BUT without any hearing, and without the suspendee accepting guilt of abuse, the NEC is branding people guilty: people are receiving letters saying the suspension has been lifted BUT admonishing the person and telling them `it will remain on file`!!

This would be the equivalent of the cancelling of the Fine letter sent to Joe Lycett cancelling his Fine but saying `don`t park there again`. NO this is not OK and actually brings the LP further into disrepute by its total disregard for due process and natural justice. Discussing, expressing opinion, offering scenarios, implications etcetera etcetera is part of a debate. This is opinion NOT ABUSE – show us the evidence of ABUSE!

Colin Russel comedy: Where is the evidence.

A member:

Mine lifted today but an NEC warning stays on my file for ‘abusive behaviour’ for calling Tom Watson a traitor…when I asked if the MPs who had called Jeremy Corbyn a traitor would also be getting formal warnings the bloke from governance said ‘we can’t comment on individual cases’.

Definition of traitor:

a person who is not loyal or stops being loyal to their own social class, beliefs, etc.

a person who betrays someone or something, such as a friend, cause, or principle.

One who betrays  a cause, or a trust …

Trawling Twitter and suspending Members without even bothering to check they have the right person.

This is not an isolated case either.

Hilary Smith: 

Well we have found out why my hubby was suspended from the Labour Party for calling another labour member a traitor on TWITTER

The problem with this is, he does NOT have a TWITTER account and never has had one, so why the hell did they suspend him? The NEC couldn’t even get their facts straight this is Despicable & so WRONG  –  SHAME on you

Philip Lewis:

Philip Lewis ·  My suspension from the Labour party has been lifted and I’ve now got my membership back but there is a sting in the tail: I have a permit warning on my record I could be suspended or expelled at any time again so this could get interesting.

Philip Lewis on video speaking of his anger and distress.